What Is Global Encounter?tans2

The Global Encounter program hosts current and potential international students. Participants will experience American culture and history and be exposed to educational institutions in New England. Students are also provided with educational programming that allows them the opportunity to practice English speaking and listening skills. Our program can be tailored to a specific time, goal or age group (age 8-adult). Packages are available in 7, 10 or 12 night stays.

Where Is Global Encounter?

Our program takes place at Pine Brook Camp and Conference Center, in Shutesbury, Massachusetts. Pine Brook sits on 40 acres of land surrounded by beautiful woods and walking trails. Pine Brook has been host to generations of people throughout New England and now, through Global Encounter, is able to host generations from around the world!

Why Choose Us?

The Global Encounter Program is devised to give participants a multi-dimensional experience. Students are housed in a camp setting that allows them to work, learn and experience American culture collectively. This unique venue provides a backdrop to these experiences by exposing them to outdoor adventures, seasonal activities, games and team building. Global Encounter is located in an area with beautiful mountains, close proximity to Atlantic Coast beaches and cities with rich historical backgrounds. This setting allows students to experience history and culture throughout New England and beyond. Pine Brook staff will work to tailor a program experience that will be educational, beneficial and enjoyable. Participants will walk away enriched and have long lasting memories.